April 30 Tweeting

A "tweeting" is a meeting using Twitter. It's similar to a "Twitter chat" but somewhat more structured, with an agenda and action items. The primary topic of the April 30 tweeting, proposed originally by @Shoq, @Karoli, @DavidBadash, was organizing progressive hashtags on Twitter.

See the Pre-tweeting discussions below for an overview of the discussions before the tweeting.


Great chat!

  • look for opportunities to use #diversitywin/#diversityfail hashtags, and opportunites for other "win" hashtags.
  • #p2 is a resource for diversity and empowerment, AND the progressive batchannel and umbrella tag
    • we will not be introducing an additional #p4p hashtag on Twitter at this point
  • next #p2 chat on May 14, including an issue focus as well as an organizing focus. planning page in progress here -- feedback welcome! a couple challenges:
    • is it possible to accomodate people who don't want to risk losing followers by engaging in chat?
    • is it possible to accomodate people whose accounts don't show up in Twitter search?
    • (from previous meeting) is it possible to accomodate people who have protected profiles?
  • please join the #p2 wiki at http://p2pt0.wikifoundry.com/ if you're not already a member


Seems like there were about 50 people participating, not counting the tweets of news items to #p2 and questions about "what does #p2 mean?" Apologies to anybody I missed; I did this by hand. Results presented in handy #followfriday format for your tweeting pleasure!

#followfriday @blackjew @myrnatheminx @schillingfan @MichaelShatz @xiape @bphoon @adrielhampton @Spinelli666 #p2 chat

#followfriday @hailripley @Shoq @grivno @dmooney9 @ryking @davidbadash @HarryWaisbren @rkref @bradbaumn @edmigper #p2 chat

#followfriday @xmelaniex7 @profchandler @JakeAryehMarcus @jennyjinx @DinkyShop @rhibowman @jcollord @tigermel #p2 chat

#followfriday @Smartalyx @GloPan @Karoli @p2pt0 @kindlejunkie
@rickydee55 @strawberrysgirl @CydeWeys @manspeaker #p2 chat

#followfriday @HumanFolly @pbrantner @alapoet @Cody_K
@rosieandtheband @jimnnoke @jdp23 @hannityhater #p2 chat

#followfriday @Wolfrum @Phillyberg @EvieE @nishachittal @Jillmz @DianeGee @_victor_
@savagemike @geekosearch #p2 chat

Chat log

The full log is here. Does anybody know how to convert this to a more usable format?


  • 10 minutes: introductions, talk about #tcot, and last-minute revision of meeting agenda. #tcot discussion thread here.
  • 5-10 minutes #diversityfail/#diversitywin. background: 1, 2 - led by @JillMZ
  • 15-25 minutes: review/continuation of the pre-tweeting discussions
  • 15-20: decide next steps on "bridging" hashtag and #p2/#p4p
  • 5 minutes: action items and next steps

Pre-tweeting discussions

The discussion prior to April 30 Tweeting got so voluminous that the initial summary spans a couple of pages. These are all important topics, and there's no way we can do them all justice during the tweeting, so these are also the basis for future conversations. When summarizing I've attempted to fairly excerpt everybody's positions while reducing duplication; in general I've preserved the order of the posts within each section although occasionally I've moved things around if I felt it didn't distort meaning and made it easier to follow. Apologies in advance for any mistakes or biases; please feel free to edit if I've mischaracterized your position. -- jon

Here's the overall index of discussions:

  • April 30 agenda discussion: summary so far, with ongoing discussion threads at the bottom of the page. Topics include "overall agenda issues", "making sure all voices are heard", "who decides", "the user perspective", "how the heck are people supposed to know what heach hashtag means", "about #rebelleft", "about #p2", "about #p4p", "hashtags and diversity -- and how many is too many?", and "the relationship between "#rebelleft, #topprog, #p2, and #p4p".
  • April 30 additional discussions: summary of . Topics include "trust issues", "life beyond Twitter", "transpartisanship on Twitter", "progressives vs. conservatives on Twitter", and "are all progressives left-wing?"
  • The wiki's discussion forum includes all the discussion threads on any of the pages

Additional background

The additional background for the tweeting includes brief descriptions and links to more information about #p2 and #p4p, and a status update on action items from the last Twitter Chat.