April 30 additional background

Background matarial for the April 30 Tweeting that I moved off the main page-- jon

Thoughts and blog posts for hashtag discussion

If you've got some ideas, or have a lnk you want to share, please add them here or in the discussion thread at the bottom

  • #p2 and prioritizing diversity
#p2 is a resource for progressives who prioritize diversity and empowerment. Jon Pincus discusses what this means and why it's so important in #p2 and prioritizing diversity on Liminal States, crossposted on Oxdown Gazette.

  • The #p4p Tag
The #p4p tag is new "bridging" tag which some twitter users feel can serve to unify all tags with a completely neutral, unaffiliated tag that would not require #p2 to alter its existing charter (presently focused on diversity and empowerment).

It would be used to tag updates as "of general interest to ALL progressives," and be a naturally noisy channel where sub-interests can be easily discovered and then echoed to particular tag tribes.

You can read about the concept of #p4p here: http://peopleforprogress.pbwiki.com

Action items from last meeting

Hopefully we'll have updates on these before the meeting and won't spend a lot of time on them.

If you've got updates, please edit the wiki or leave them in the action item status updates thread

  • MadamaAmbi: writeup of communication options other than Twitter
  • Tweetleft: core value is as aggregator. next steps: try to avoid requiring password, additional hashtags, trollist. Resources needed. Actions
    • chrismeserole: blog post w/ request for resources.
    • chrismeserole: fix so no login is required, add simple troll reduction, additional hashtags: DONE
  • jdp23: break out hashtag list to separate page: DONE
  • jdp23: list of URL shorterners
  • problemchylde and NuMofo725 to brainstorm how to involve people with protected accounts
  • Communicate diversity concerns about Ask the President : DONE. @jdp23 communicated our concerns to Ari, Micah, Katrina, David, etc. Ari and David responded. No meaningful actions were taken by the Ask the president coalition and it's not clear whether communityCounts is intendending to address the issues. Our concerns proved valid, for example there was only one top-10 Ask the President question from a woman.
  • Ask the President organizing: DONE. Activism at the speed of skittles and our wiki page have the results . Maybe it was just a coincidence that two of the seven quesions we were supporting were answered on the White House blog (one of which doesn't appear to have been asked elsewhere). It still feels pretty good.

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