Ask the President about Moldova

Despite all the attention to the social media aspects of the "Twitter Revolution" in Moldova, there's been very little attention paid to the US's position. It's a great opportunity to leverage Ask the President to get some answers, and hopefully encourage better media coverage of the issue.

Ask the president allows internet users to vote on questions -- and suggest their own. I've proposed a couple of questions I have for President Obama.

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About "Ask the President"

Obama Press Conference

What questions do you think President Obama should be asked at his next press conference?

Ask the President provides a way to tell the media and the president what everyday citizens want to know. Propose a question you want asked at the next White House press conference -- and vote on questions other people have proposed. It couldn't be easier; none of this even requires registration

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Ask the President is a collaborative effort of a broad coalition spanning the political and technological spectrum, including The Nation, the Washington Times, Pesonal Democracy Forum, Jack and Jill Politics, Culture Kitchen, Smart Mobs, and many others. Ari Melber has been providing regular updates in The Nation

Laura Flanders' video from The F-Word:

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The page you're looking at represents an effort to harvest and promote progressive questions for presidential press conferences.

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