Time for action. Here's our planning for EFCA.

The best ways to follow EFCA on Twitter are the #efca channel on Tweetleft or Twittersearch and @EFCANow
on Twitter

Update, May 20: check out our new EFCA Resources page!

Situation and Strategy

Sarah Jaffe's The EFCA: Truth and Fiction gives the background on the biggest organized labor battle since 1947. Can #p2 help the pro-labor coalition find a 60th vote in the Senate?


1. Tweet links, stories, comments. Make sure to include the #EFCA tag as well as #p2!

2. Reteweet EFCA-related stories was you see them. Keep the #EFCA tag, and try to include a mix of other hashtags as well (#p2, #topprog, #rebelleft, #union, ...)

3. provide resources page for EFCA supporters, focusing on actions and key twitter accounts

EFCA-related discussions on #p2 and #rebelleft

EFCANOW's Twitter feed

Suggestions for hashtag use

The source or EFCA tweets should use two hashtags at most. Subsequent tweets can include additional hashtags like #rebelleft etc. I am not suggesting this to elevate one tag over the other, but want to urge us all to twitter wisely. Too many hashtags = annoyance to many people on twitter and you will eventually lose followers.

The #p2 hastag was intended to be used as a bridge to other tags so that those using those tags pick up related tweets. It's appearance should signal to others that they can retweet it to their communities (#topprog, #rebelleft, #fem2, #woc, etc)--like a communication pyramid. If we continue to include so many hashtags in every tweet, I fear it will end up diluting the message and mitigating the effectiveness of our efforts on Twitter.

For example:
  • the original tweet includes #EFCA and #p2
  • different people retweet it to #rebelleft, #topprog, #pxfridays, ... -- keeping the #efca hashtag (and should they also keep #p2?)

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