Getting started

This page will have information (and hopefully screencasts!) about how to use this wiki effectively and have quick links to resources for various social networks. Over time it will have sub-sections for different social networks ...

If you know of useful links, please add them in the comment threads at the bottom of the page.

If you're new to Twitter
: check out the Twitter page for helpful tips and resources!

To find out what's going on: the home page is the place to go for an overview. The Discussion Forum shows the active threads, and What's new has a list of the most recent edits. You can get to all of these from the tabs near the top of the page. To explore in more detail, use the search box and "site pages" menus on the left-hand side.

To participate in a discussion thread: just hit reply. no formatting, alas.

To join the wiki: click on the Join this Site button near the top right of any page.

To edit a page: click on the EasyEdit button near the top left. the toolbar at the top lets you format things and add photos, videos, RSS feeds, and widgest from other sites. when you're done, click Save in the toolbar. if you haven't used wikis before, a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • don't worry too much about getting things perfect right off the bat. you can always clean it up later -- and others might help.
  • the wiki keeps a complete history of edits, so if somebody screws things up totally (which will almost certainly happen) we can always go back.
To create a new page: use the add page link on the left (just below the menus), which will give you a pop-up where you can give the title. if you want a lavender-background box at the top for a comment like this page has, click on the use template pull-down menu and select Comment at Top. once you hit Save, your page will be created; then click EasyEdit to edit it.

To go back to a previous version of a page
: use the History link at the bottom of each page.

For more on wikis, see ...

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