Tagging helps to organize and share our online information with others.... The aim is to bring some order to Twitter users' published updates ("tweets") and make it easier to follow a topic of interest. And you don't necessarily have to be a Twitter user to get a benefit from hashtags.

-- @rjleaman, "An Introduction to Twitter Hashtags", Wild Apricot's non-profit technology blog

Whether or not you've got an account there, Twitter hashtags are an easy way to follow conversations about any topic -- including progressive politics and social media technologies. You can follow a hashtag via Twitter Search, RSS, Friendfeed, clients like twhirl and Tweetdeck; the links below go to the Twitter search pages as well as websites if they exist. The (somewhat dated) Introduction to Twitter Hashtags has more background.
@MariSmith on Twitter Hashtags

Progressive-Oriented Hashtags

A short list of hashtags related to progressives and diversity on Twitter. TweetLeft supports many of these. For more general lists, check out HashDictionary
and Hashtags.org

  • #fem2: society's issues, women's voices. Twittercasts Sunday, 10 PM Eastern, The Twittercast of their early-February conference was one of the inspirations for #p2 -- as are their naming conventions, obviously :-) Website: http://Fem2pt0.com
  • #woc: women of color.
  • #blck: black and African-American perspectives
  • #race: discussions of race
  • #lgbt, #lgbtq, #trans, #queer: lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and queer issues. Websites: many.
  • #accessibility and #disability: information about accessibility and disability rights
  • #diversity: general diversity-related topics
  • #DiversityWin: positive diversity-related news stories and blog posts. the goal in tweeting about these is to recognize people and organizations who are paying attention to diversity, and spread good news and best practices
  • #DiversityFail: incidents where diversity is being marginalized or ignored. the goal in tweeting about these is to highlight the situation, open communication, and work to turn the situation into a #diversitywin -- or if not, document the failure.

  • #eco, #sustainability, #green,: environmental and sustainabiilty-related issues
  • #EarthTweet: a twitter community interested in sharing concrete, positive info about shrinking one's environmental footprint -- actions taken, choices made, relevant news, how-to, event info, etc. Website: http://EarthTweet.com
  • #EFCA: Employee Free Choice Act

Non-partisan, bipartisan, and multi-partisan tags

  • #bipart: To be used by #tcots, #topprogs, and completely unpolitical people of all kinds who want to discuss political issues not with true believers only, and not with the intention of offending others, but with idea of challenging people of all opinions to participate in the exchange of ideas and challenges to orthodoxies or party platforms. More here.
  • #gov20: government 2.0, web technologies and government
  • #transparency
  • #JournChat: an ongoing conversation between journalists, bloggers, and PR folks. Twittercasts Monday, 7-10 PM Central. Website: http://JournChat.info
  • #prize4sc: prizes which promote social change, from Changemakers.net to Echoing Green, Skoll foundation and (way) beyond
  • #SocEnt: Information about or for social entrepreneurs
These Hashtags are devoted to shameless promotion of your excellent work and recreation.
  • #pxFridays - Progressive Fridays - http://pxFridays.org (no longer in use http://Twitter.com/hashtag/pxFridays ) - We're progressive and good at having fun & showing off... so use #pxFridays to shamelessly promote your work, suggest progressive tweeple, get creative, gather ideas & share social happenings.

Get Local

  • #gbk, #GreenNYC, #GreenWC: green tweets from Brooklyn, New York City, and Westchester County, NY respectively.