March 18 chat

The second #p2 Twitter chat!

Date: Wednesday, March 18
Time: 6:30-8:00 PM Pacific / 9:30-11:00 PM Eastern
Place: the #p2 Twitter hashtag. duh.

Chat log ends here.

Summary/Action items

  • more general communications platforms: Twitter is great for some things, not so great for others. How to supplement? Disagreement about how email-based we should be. Action
    • MadamaAmbi: writeup of options
  • Tweetleft: core value is as aggregator. next steps: try to avoid requiring password, additional hashtags, trollist. Resources needed. Actions
    • chrismeserole: blog post w/ request for resources.
    • mrscarpediem, jdp23: ask for help on security
  • #p2 efficiency/best practices. Actions:
    • jdp23: break out hashtag list to separate page, list of URL shorterners
  • diversity. one more factor: many WOC have private accounts because of all the abuse they take. approach as community-building? Actions:
    • problemchylde and NuMofo725 to brainstorm
  • Ask the President: diversity concerns. just imagine if we could get #topprog, #rebelleft, and #p2 all aligned behind an issue that prioritizes women of color! skepticism this is possible. worth thinking about.
    • DJ chandler and jdp23 discussed on Jon's blog after the chat.
    • jdp23 sent an email to Ari, Micah, Katrina and others involved with Ask the President alerting them this came up as a major concern.
    • jon set up a wiki page to start the discussion and planning.


Suggestions and feedback welcome! Please use the discussion thread below.

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