May 14 tweeting

A "tweeting" is a meeting using Twitter. It's similar to a "Twitter chat" but somewhat more structured, with an agenda and action items. See here for the information about our most recent tweeting on April 30.

Twitter was having major lags during our May 14 tweeting so we woundup having it in Chatterous instead.


thanks all for a great tweeting -- particularly impressive given the technical challenges. almost 20 people there; if we had been on Twitter, we probably would have trended. Oh well, maybe next time.

- action items below
- notes
- full log
- participation analysis

we spent about 25 minutes talking about sexism on the #p2 hashtag. whether or not you were there, please take a few minutes and read the section in the long on "sexism and #p2"".

we also spent about 20 minutes talking about EFCA, coming up with some specific actions that can help. one worth highlighting: when you see something with an #efca tag, please retweet it. @seasonothebitch is the point person here, and is providing a steady stream of tweets; @efcanow, @aflcio, @california_labor, @ufcw and others have also been tweeting. so let's all get involved and help out!

afterwards, JakeAryehMarcus mentioned that she thought we hadn't really dealt with the diversity issues ... i agree. so i set up a thread to continue the discussion at

thanks once again to everybody who was there -- a great discussion!


AntoniaZ, Brian, cyn3matic, deletrian, geekosaur, GloPan, HarryWaisbren, humanfolly, problemchylde, JakeAryehMarcus, jdp23, karoli, katie_stanton, Michael, MyrnatheMinx, Paula, SavageMike, seasonothebitch

Action items

  • all: confront sexist language when we see it. note: this is especially important for guys to do! how best to do it?
    • reply to the tweeter, without including the #p2 hashtag on it.
    • potentially: forward to #sexistmuch or some other hashtag? tbd
  • jdp23, JakeAryehMarcus, katie_stanton (others too): coordinate with #fem2 on using the sexism as an educational opportunity in a Twittercast sometime around Father's Day.
  • SavageMike, others who are interested: investigate discussion forum options. set up our own? use Ning or Big Tent?
  • all: when you see something with #efca in it, please retweet and include some new hashtags
  • Paula: come up with a list of action-oriented EFCA links: petitions, etc. Then we'll get it on the wiki; this is likely to be a valuable asset to EFCA supporters in general
  • SavageMike: set up a tumblr page for EFCA. done!


  • 10 minutes: introductions, followup from last week's chat, last-minute agenda revisions
  • 5 minuntes: recap of May 12 conference call
  • 25 minutes: sexism and #p2
  • 20 minutes: EFCA. See the planning page in progress for more background
discussion continued, mostly about EFCA, for another 15 minutes or so ...

Overflow topics

The agenda's jam-packed, so there were a bunch of things we didn't get to ... they're all important, but there's only so many minutes in an hour!

    • p2 as a "progressive bat-channel": brainstorming thread here.
    • how to shift to a more activist focus? brainstorming thread here.
    • how will we decide to make endorsement decisions? see Adriel Hampton's request for an endorsement in #CA-10 here.
    • hashtag-related discussions: #p2, #bipart (discussion here), #diversityfail/#diversitywin,...
    • our broader technology base includes the wiki, tweetleft, and twibes. how do we want to leverage these? what else do we need to develop? see the discussion thread here.
    • student activism and #p2
    • dealing with conservative trolls ... and progressive ones, too


  • If you're new to the #p2 wiki, please check out our Getting Started page. If you're relatively new to using Twitter for activism, we've got some resources and links here. The links on the wiki's home page describe our history.
  • Our most recent tweeting was April 30. Summary and notes here. Discussions continued after the tweeting, starting with comment #60 here, comment #8 here, and the entire thread here.