May 28 chat

Another great chat! Thanks all ... next chat scheduled for June 11, with a focus on EFCA. And stay tuned for the joint #p2/#fem2 Twittercast on June 21!

Summary notes:




1) no endorsement in CA-10; instead, invite all candidates to a Twitter debate or chat

Action items

Interested in helping out? Please let us know in the "volunteers" thread.

1) value articulation: why should people spend the four characters on #p2? (use Matt and Dinky's langauge from the chat)
2) better educational materials, continuing to improve the wiki page. -- jon
3) ongoing outreach to non-straight-white-males -- ALL
4) organizing a CA-10 Twitter debate/chat/something - need a volunteer to take the lead!
5) a high-quality EFCA RSS feed *without* corporate propaganda/nterruptions -- need a volunteer to take the lead!
6) make sure EFCA updates from email/RSS get to the #EFCA and #p2 feeds -- matttbastard, seasonothebitch
7) EFCA tweeting points page (or add to resource page), update dailyish - need a volunteer to take the lead!
8) follow up with Workplace Fairness, AFSCME, SEIU on getting them to a #p2 chat to discuss: MyrnaTheMinx
9) media contacts list starting next week: Kit, MyrnaTheMinx


See the May 28 notes for summaries of what we discussed each topic

  • 5 minutes: introductions, followup from last week's chat, last-minute agenda revisions
  • 5-10 minutes: overview from Jon and Q&A
  • 15-25 minutes: diversity issues on #p2
  • (deferred): technology, on Twitter and beyond
    • "filtered" feeds, e.g. ignoring tcot cross-posts etc.
    • regular tweets describing what #p2 and with a link to where people can find out more
    • discussion forums
  • 10-15 minutes: endorsement process for CA-10. discussion thread here.
    • need to come out of this with agreement on a process and timeframe for deciding whether or not to endorse Adriel Hampton
  • 10-15 min: EFCA update. Brainstorming thread here.
  • We've created the resource page we talked about last chat; how to get the word out more broadly about this, and how else can we help?
  • Can we work with #fem2 to highlight feminist aspects of EFCA?
  • 5-10 minutes: action items and next steps


  • If you're new to the #p2 wiki, please check out our Getting Started page. If you're relatively new to using Twitter for activism, we've got some resources and links here. The links on the wiki's home page describe our history.