May 28 log

jdp23 (19:06): let's get started, shall we? a brief round of introductions -- and please mention your twitter name if it's different than you r name here
jdp23 (19:07): i'm @jdp23, a strategist/writer/activist in the Seattle area, and cofounder of #p2 with @myrnatheminx
jdp23 (19:07): the agenda by the way is at
JakeAryehMarcus (19:08): I'm @JakeAryehMarcus, lawyer/writer/activist, active in #p2, #fem2, and co-founder of #bfing.
DinkyShop (19:08): I'm Susan aka @DinkyShop architect in Chicago .. general troublemaker all my life. (It's the Chicago way)
matttbastard (19:09): @matttbastard here, active in #p2, co-founder of #rebelleft. blogger, activist, writer, snarkmeister.
testingtesting (19:09): i'm another account of Jon's logged in as a guest to see whether it works. please ignore me.
jdp23 (19:10): a small crowd but a feisty one!
matttbastard (19:10): Hey Jon, Jake, Kit & Susan
JakeAryehMarcus (19:10): Jon, how can you tell from the menu who is actually in the room? Green dot mean someone is here?
jdp23 (19:11): wellcome, Matt, Jake, Susan, and Kit (if you're still there). Jake, not sure how to tell that.
jdp23 (19:11): any last-minute comments on the agenda? i figured with a quick overview of where we are
jdp23 (19:12): first some quick statistics. overall there's typically 1000-1200 tweets a weekday on #p2. a lot smaller than tcot's 4000.
jdp23 (19:13): about 1/3-1/2 of the tweets are cross-posts to tcot ... some are news articles going to both, a lot is debating and trolling
jdp23 (19:14): there's a fair amount of trolling in generall -- two of the top 10 posters are fleckman and ronnyraygun
jdp23 (19:14): there's also a fair amount of trolling by progressives
jdp23 (19:15): we haven't taken an active roll in any activism for a while, although we did turn around the EFCA resources quickly after last chat ... good stuff
jdp23 (19:15): the people involved are great, and it's a reasonably diverse group. the tweets on the hashtag are far less diverse in several dimensions.
jdp23 (19:15): on the whole it's gone a lot better than i had expected
jdp23 (19:16): others impressions?
DinkyShop (19:16): Less diverse how.. stronger where?
JakeAryehMarcus (19:17): Jon, you mean the Tweets are less diverse than those actively involved in Tweetchats and the Wiki, right?
jdp23 (19:17): one big thing is that my best estimate is that the community is roughly 40-45% women; tweets are 80%+ male, top tweeters are 80%+ male.
jdp23 (19:18): actually Jake the discussion threads on the wiki have the same 80% male ratio.
jdp23 (19:18): there continues to be a steady stream #lgbt-related posts, and a rasonable amount of news from #fem2 and #woc
JakeAryehMarcus (19:18): Hmm. Only the Tweetchats are more diverse?
jdp23 (19:19): the tweetchat, the last chatterous chat, the members of the wiki, and tweeters
jdp23 (19:20): it's a classic online communication result: the guys are in general a lot more verbose, although of course some women are verbose as well.
jdp23 (19:20): and there have been complaints about sexist langauge on the hashtag -- especialy from Shoq
jdp23 (19:21): hmm, this has kind of turned into a monolog from me. talk about guys dominating the conversation ... i'll shut up now.
JakeAryehMarcus (19:22): Do we have four people here right now?
JakeAryehMarcus (19:22): Two men and two women?
Kit K (19:23): I'm here! Mostly listening, first chat. I'm male.
jdp23 (19:23): i count five (although matt might have gotten booted. i hate technology). three men, two women.
DinkyShop (19:23): The list on the right on my screen shows 11 ppl.. don't know gender..
JakeAryehMarcus (19:24): I think the screen on the list includes members who may not be in the room.
JakeAryehMarcus (19:24): Matt, you still here?
DinkyShop (19:24): You know tech and the net for a combination of factors tends to have high male presence (participation) unless the topic of female focused (in my anecdotal experience)..
testingtesting (19:24): yep. and a duplicate account from me.
matttbastard (19:25): test?
Jillm (19:25): Good evening - will try to catch up
DinkyShop (19:25): I follow a lot of women who seem to post p2 / fem2 content.. maybe not always using the hashtags tho'..
jdp23 (19:26): welcome back, Matt; and hi, Jill!
matttbastard (19:26): There we go
matttbastard (19:26): Hey Jill
Jillmz (19:26): FYI - I am in the Cleveland and haven't checked the score at all - heading to DC for milestone event early in the morning (why is that always happening when you have these chats Jon!)
Jillmz (19:26): Hi Matt
JakeAryehMarcus (19:26): DinkyShop and I are female. And I see Jill has arrived. Matt, Jon, and Kit are male so we have a 50/50 split right now in the room?
matttbastard (19:26): I believe so
Jillmz (19:26): Is Gloria and Paula "live"?
matttbastard (19:27): am also POC
Jillmz (19:27): That shoudl be - are they live
matttbastard (19:27): and not-heterosexual
matttbastard (19:27): to add to the diversity
Jillmz (19:27): and not a problem either
JakeAryehMarcus (19:28): Jon, correct me if I am wrong, but you are the only top tweeter here, unless Matt is one as well?
jdp23 (19:28): DinkyShop, agreed that onlne is tends to be male-dominated. Part of our goal with #p2 is to create a more balanced space. (Ditto for other dimensions.) One of my learnings here is that chats are a good way of getting this to happen -- both on twitter and chatterous, so it's the format rather than the specific technology.
matttbastard (19:29): Define 'top tweeter'?
Jillmz (19:29): I confess - I just don't use hashtags as a routine thing
DinkyShop (19:29): I don't want to engage in stereotypes, but sometimes ppl use tech differently (for a variety of reasons NOT related to ability, tech skills, etc.)
JakeAryehMarcus (19:29): Jon, how do you draw that line in creating your stats? Remind me.
Jillmz (19:29): I am greedy with my character count
matttbastard (19:30): I don't know what the metric would be to check the impact @matttbastard has
matttbastard (19:30): top tweeter sounds like something Tyra Banks would start a nationwide search for.
jdp23 (19:30): has a list. it really should be "loudest", not "top". i'm typically not on the list
DinkyShop (19:31): Yeah, but as we all know quantity and quality are not one in the same..
jdp23 (19:31): a lot of people confuse "volume" with "value"
matttbastard (19:31): Yup. Lookit that -- number 7 with a bullet. Most of my tagged tweets are links to articles or live-tweets
JakeAryehMarcus (19:32): The problem we have been discussing previously is that the volume of white male Tweets overwhelms female Tweeters.
DinkyShop (19:32): I think I follow a lot of female p2s who don't or forget to use hashtags (like I often forget..)
jdp23 (19:32): it's a great point, Susan, sorry i didn't reply to it efore. consistent with what Jill says
jdp23 (19:33): we could try to come up with another solution that doesn't involve a hashtag (although i'm not sure off the top of my head what it would be)
Jillmz (19:33): well - it depends on what we're really trying to monitor, Jon
jdp23 (19:33): matt i think your tweets are consistently worthwhile and they are very often bringing in diversity perspectives
JakeAryehMarcus (19:34): I retweet to the hash for some ppl I know often leave hash off.
Jillmz (19:34): so, for example, I confess - I am really picky/finicky about doing what I'm told to or what everyone says to do
matttbastard (19:34): Question: why is the convo about diversity being limited to a cismale/female gender dynamic? (And thanks, Jon)
matttbastard (19:34): JAke, I try to do that, too
DinkyShop (19:34): I'd like to tweet more, but my work doesn't usually allow it.. so chats are a better way for me (at this time). Ditto for wiki participation.. I can barely manage my websites and blog (and not doing a good job at either)
Jillmz (19:34): so if I'm at a conference, I do the tag thing
jdp23 (19:34): jill i don't think of it as "monitoring", really much more trying to create good communications spaces: one for broadcasting information, one for convesation.
Jillmz (19:34): but in just conversing, not so much
Jillmz (19:34): hmm - ok - but then what is the purpose of the tag - to help categorize it?
Jillmz (19:35): (I think of monitoring in terms of keeping an eye on a topic, not so much watchdog)
jdp23 (19:35): matt i agree it's a multi-dimensional problem ... two reasons: (1) it's easier to approximate gender than race/age/etc. on Twitter and (2) the numbers aren't large tnough to get meaingful statistics in other dimensions. in generall though i assume the same effects are reflected in all dimensions and we should be working towards a full solution, not just gender
JakeAryehMarcus (19:36): I see it as keeping an eye on but also connecting ppl via the hash who would not discover each other without the hash.
DinkyShop (19:36): I think the diversity thread on the wiki was good.. most of the explanations for participation were covered there, imo..
matttbastard (19:36): I use the tag as a mechanism to broaden the impact of a tweet beyond my followers, to aggregate to pertinent areas of interest based on what the link is about.
Jillmz (19:37): I can see that, Matt
JakeAryehMarcus (19:37): LGBT membership is harder to gauge. LGBT content more obvious.
jdp23 (19:37): the original purpose was a resource for progressives prioritizing diversity: to help us find each other, to spread news, to discuss, and (sometimes) as an action nexus. so exactly the kind of stuff Matt's talking about. that's gotten broadened to also be "the umbrella tag for progressives" and "the batchannel" -- we still don't know what that means
JakeAryehMarcus (19:38): Matt, I try and use the hash the same way.
Jillmz (19:38): hmm - well - I'd like to posit this: using Twitter to converse is different than using to find each other or people of similar interests or w/whom we can collaborate or hope to work with etc.
Jillmz (19:38): now - that doesn't mean that those two things are incompatible
Jillmz (19:39): but do they require different mechanisms for achieving what they do?
JakeAryehMarcus (19:39): Agreed and agreed, Jill.
matttbastard (19:39): Yes, that.
jdp23 (19:39): maybe one thing that would be useful in general is to get people to think about using the tag the way matt and Jake are talking about. and agreed with Jill; i'd also add the news broadcasting functionality
DinkyShop (19:40): I think Shoq's real name is X note: edited out by Jon (I'm confused, but not really..) I agree Matthew E's use of the tag helps find, organize info.. as would all tags when used appropriately
Jillmz (19:40): for sure, Twitter is a place to find people of similar interests - but I'm doubtful that that will ever be a primary part of it, at least as currently configured, - except through searching, and by having the hashtag we improve that
Jillmz (19:40): agree w/Dinky
matttbastard (19:40): JFTR, I'm not Shoq
JakeAryehMarcus (19:40): We still have the problem of a hash stream overwhelmed w/white male straight Tweeters pushes out other Tweeters.
Jillmz (19:40): so there can either be diversification in the tags themselves to help recognize when we're conversing on a similar topic and when we're trying to find each other...
Jillmz (19:40): or...I'm not sure what lol
Jillmz (19:41): Jake - shaking my head in agreement - sadly, that's a systemic issue I think
jdp23 (19:41): i think there can also be diversification of filters. so i often view the stream filtering out most of the top tweeters
Jillmz (19:41): understood jon
JakeAryehMarcus (19:41): So Mattbasterd would NOT post "I'd do her"?
guest244687 (19:41): Hello, progs!
Jillmz (19:42): well - not with a p2
matttbastard (19:42): Nah, not my style
DinkyShop (19:42): I'm slowly getting some of my terrestrial p2 /fem2 pals to get on twitter.. it's hard to get them to understand the medium, protocols etc..
jdp23 (19:43): a view like (filteirng out tcot, top 5 tweeters, and a handful of trolls) is very different
DinkyShop (19:43): Well the other M sounds like he's a lot younger than some of us.. he'll out grow it (I hope)..
JakeAryehMarcus (19:44): Is it kosher to write "Tweeters X, Y, and Z are trolls" on the wiki?
jdp23 (19:44): so building on Susan's point, better "getting started" info could help a lot. in the past Sarah's brought up the issue that people with protected accounts also can't participate [and this probably disproportionately impacts women of color]
matttbastard (19:44): Definitely, Jon.
DinkyShop (19:45): If u protect your tweets, u have a dif agenda.. and need a dif screen name for p2 activity.. (that's my strategy
JakeAryehMarcus (19:46): Discussion of creating #p2 Tweeting protocols has gotten some push back in the past. Thoughts now?
jdp23 (19:46): jake we set up a "troll identification thread" as part of a community defense against trolls in the one million strong for barack facebook group and it helped some. the difficult quesiton is "who decides X, Y, and Z are trolls -- based on what criteria?
DinkyShop (19:46): Jon, the wiki was helpful..
Jillmz (19:46): I apologize that I need to head out but I also think people might want to understand the value of using up the characters to tag
Jillmz (19:46): I know that sounds stingy and all
Jillmz (19:46): but to get invested in a habit - we need to feel there's value for it, yes?
Jillmz (19:47): so - how do we explain that? demonstrate that?
jdp23 (19:47): thanks much Jill. #p2's only four characters ... hard to do better than that. agreed that it comes down to "what's the value" and we need to demonstrate it
Jillmz (19:47): I think most of us in this conversation are genuine and it's second nature to us
Jillmz (19:47): but not for everyone
jdp23 (19:47): enjoy your trip tomorrow
DinkyShop (19:47): Do you guys find p2 use problematic, currently? Most of the tweets I see are OK (to me..) but I don't have Twitter open all day..
JakeAryehMarcus (19:47): Bye Jill.
Jillmz (19:47): lol I know it's only four - but you know lol I just mean...oh -ok! I mean...I'm VERBOSE!
Jillmz (19:47): I need those four!
Jillmz (19:48): ok - just teasing now
matttbastard (19:48): I see the value when tweets that I properly tag get picked up by accounts run by people/orgs who can utilize the information contained. Again, i see the tags more as a means of broadening communication, rather than tribal identification
matttbastard (19:48): hahaha
jdp23 (19:48):
matttbastard (19:48): Jill, you're almost unretweetable
Jillmz (19:48): thanks for the converstaion - I love the idea of extending the value and use
matttbastard (19:48): (not that I'm one to talk)
Jillmz (19:48): I know Matt! I love it
DinkyShop (19:48): Matt, I try to follow your example (when I can.. but I am a troublemaker who goes off the rails..)
jdp23 (19:49): okay, here's what i have for this discussion:
jdp23 (19:49): 1) articulate value -- Matt and Susan's statement
2) better educational materials
3) continued outreach
4) continue to discuss filtering, protocols for communication
adrielhampton (19:49): Oh, so I'm here, just hadn't logged in right
matttbastard (19:49): You do it quite well, Dinky. Most of my followers/people I follow who are journalists/bloggers are used to using digital tools as a means of disseminating information
jdp23 (19:50): [not specifically for gender -- for all the diversity aspects, including the "longtime twitterers/new people who may be less confident"]
DinkyShop (19:50): Yeah, at my old job, if had been tweeting, I would have been fired.. but I'm not there anymore, so..
jdp23 (19:50): welcome Adriel ... perfect timing, because i was just about to steer us to the "action!" portion of the agenda. first though any feedback on the summary?
jdp23 (19:51): we've got two action-oriented issues. (1) Adriel's approached us for an endorsement in the CA-10 race. what's our process for this? exclusive/non-exclusive? what does an endorsement mean? (2) EFCA!!!!!!!
matttbastard (19:51): Summary sounds good, although I'd appreciate more info another time on what is meant by filtering/communication protocols.
JakeAryehMarcus (19:51): Good summary Jon. We are getting closer to the "control the white straight male over-Tweeters" place I keep aiming for.
matttbastard (19:52): Ah, ok -- that
matttbastard (19:52): (1) What is Adriel's platform (2) EFFING RIGHT.
adrielhampton (19:52): And I'd just pitch in that unless another candidate has actually approached #p2 for an endorsement, I'm interested in an exclusive. I'm the only serious candidate in the race without a major consultant on board, because I've chosen to be myself throughout.
jdp23 (19:54): does it make sense to talk about process before we get to Adriel's platform?
JakeAryehMarcus (19:54): Yes.
jdp23 (19:54): [although if you've got a link handy Adriel that'd be great ]
DinkyShop (19:54): Personally, I can support ideas or policies, not sure sure about the idea of supporting a non national candidate (at least for a hashtag)..
jdp23 (19:55): Brad Shannon (I think) said a similar thing to Dinky's in the discussion thread.
JakeAryehMarcus (19:55): My gut is with DinkyShop on that.
DinkyShop (19:56): No offense, but I'm not so sure about tying a personal political brand (candidate/ person) to a the p2 brand, imo.. but I can get on board with certain policy endorsements..
jdp23 (19:57): a counterexample would be that blogs ensorse candidates in congressional races. [although i'm certainly not saying "we should do what they do", just noting that there's an analagous precedent.]
DinkyShop (19:58): But it would be cool if P2 carried poliical clout (the idea makes me chuckle. no offense..) in a good way.
JakeAryehMarcus (19:58): Still with Dinky on this.
matttbastard (19:58): They do, but usually because said candidate represents a policy platform that converges with a blog's specific agenda
jdp23 (19:58): Adriel, do you want to take a stab on why this would be a good thing for #p2, and would avoid tarnishing our brand?
jdp23 (19:59): an alternative by the way would be to put our effort to organizing a Twitter discussion that all the candidates could take place in, focused around some policy issues that we identify. EFCA! and other stuff too
DinkyShop (19:59): I see yr point jon, but orgs have a harder time coming to consensus.. Blogs are autocratic in nature (imo). A small group might be able to agree, but as group size grows, consensus becomes more difficult to achieve
JakeAryehMarcus (20:00): Adriel disappeared from my "guest" list. He still here?
jdp23 (20:00): i hate software. adriel appears to be gone. sigh.
DinkyShop (20:00): so far, chatterous is stable for me.. (I am on a mac tho'
JakeAryehMarcus (20:01): jdp23 hates software??
jdp23 (20:01): agreed, Dinky, although earlier this year Get FISA RIght did do what i saw as an effective endorsement process [for policy, not a candidate] with a active membership group roughly #p2's size
jdp23 (20:02): however i'm not hearing anybody speak in favor of an endorsement in CA-10, so now does not appear to be the right time for #p2
matttbastard (20:02): Well, I'm more concerned with issues eg, EFCA and single-payer (which is definitely an issue in Cali atm)
DinkyShop (20:03): I agree w/ Matt
jdp23 (20:03): what do people think of trying to organize a twitter-based discussion involving all the candidates [including Adriel]? there are several progressive candidates in the race, and we could ask them to present/debate on EFCA and single-payer. it'd be good for all of them -- and for progressives on twitter in general
matttbastard (20:04): (if we're talking domestic US politics -- obviously my sphere of interest is expanded when we start talking about human rights global affairs, etc)
matttbastard (20:04): That sounds feasible.
JakeAryehMarcus (20:04): Fine with me.
DinkyShop (20:04): Online chat debate is Ok w/ me.. or other chat app/medium (or even skype)..
jdp23 (20:05): okay, how's this as a summary: 1) no endorsement in CA-10
2) willingness to endorse on issues [need a process], skepticism about endorsing in political races 3) potentially organize a Twitter-based discussion [or other online chat] for CA-10 canddiates on some of our key issues - EFCA, single-payer, etc.
JakeAryehMarcus (20:05): Good summary.
matttbastard (20:05): Yep
jdp23 (20:05): (and welcome, GrrrlRomeo)
DinkyShop (20:06): I am assuming I didn't frighten off Adriel.. if I did, that would not be a good sign..
matttbastard (20:06): Yes, welcome
jdp23 (20:06): okay, and now ... EFCA!!!!!
jdp23 (20:07): last time we identified a missing resource: the action-oriented page with Twitter contacts for EFCA folk. it now exists. thanks, paula and workplace fairness presuming it's useful, how do we publicize it?
DinkyShop (20:07): Digress: Nina Totenberg (NPR) on Maddow.. what took so long?
jdp23 (20:08): and what else can we be doing to help? Sarah's emphasis last time was on retweeting EFCA-related stuff, so reminding people to do more of that would be a good thing.
DinkyShop (20:09): I thought the recommendations for occasional tweets was good. U can post those on the wiki..
jdp23 (20:10): great idea Dinky -- "Tweeeting points" are very effective. [a #p2 innovation, btw, at least as far as i can tell ]
jdp23 (20:11): we should keep reaching out more to the active pro-EFCA twitterers (CaliforniaLabor, AFLCIO etc.) and ask how we can help. i've tried a couple of times without any response. suggestions about how?
matttbastard (20:11): 1. RSS subs to orgs that aggregate EFCA info (eg, AFLCIO, SEIU,, etc) and getting information out into the public sphere
matttbastard (20:12): atm the EFCA feed is dominated by corp-sponsored anti-EFCA accounts
matttbastard (20:12): which are doing their best to get out the anti-efca line
matttbastard (20:12): so we need to make sure the message of Employee Choice is not getting lost underneath a mountain of corporate propaganda
DinkyShop (20:12): Am surprised Democracy Now doesn't take up use of Twitter more actively.. I talked to Amy Goodman about using twitter. She seemed intrigued.
jdp23 (20:14): excellent point matt. [it's another "certain voices drowning out others" problem, but potentially easier.] last time we set up but it's not remarkably useful because of that
jdp23 (20:14): Dinky we should think about following up on that.
jdp23 (20:15): matt if that's #1, is there also a #2?
matttbastard (20:15): 2. See #1
DinkyShop (20:15): Is someone on FaceBook gathering ppl re: EFTA? can we cross post, send them info and vice versa?
MyrnatheMinx (20:16): Oh wow, sorry I'm late
matttbastard (20:16): Hey there :
JakeAryehMarcus (20:16): I'm still here. Listening.
MyrnatheMinx (20:16): reallly late
DinkyShop (20:16): well, DemocracyNow has a twitter profile, but they aren't using it to it's fullest.. Not sure if it's a personnel issue.. it takes time, bodies to create tweets..
JakeAryehMarcus (20:17): DemocracyNow tweets come in bursts. And not many of them.
jdp23 (20:17): welcome myrna! Dinky i think there's a facebook page for EFCA but it's not really active.
matttbastard (20:17): The twitter profile is unoffical, an RSS feed that (AFAIK) someone unaffiliated with the show set up
MyrnatheMinx (20:18): So it seems like we really need to get someone associated directly with EFCA to chat with us about how to engage and help them
JakeAryehMarcus (20:18): Matt, the DemNow profile is unofficial? Using the logo?
DinkyShop (20:19): There are two DemocracyNow profiles-- one is official, the other is not. @Democracy_Now is the official one
MyrnatheMinx (20:19): Paula is still here right? Paula, what is your advice on getting more people like you to communicate directly with us?
jdp23 (20:19): before we turn to DemocracyNow ... here's the EFCA summary: 1) RSS subs to orgs that aggregate EFCA info (eg, AFLCIO, SEIU,, etc) and getting information out into the public sphere. Matttbastard: "at the moment the EFCA feed is dominated by corp-sponsored anti-EFCA accounts which are doing their best to get out the anti-efca line. So we need to make sure the message of Employee Choice is not getting lost underneath a mountain of corporate propaganda"
2) tweeting points and more tweeting about EFCA
3) continue to publicsize
4) invite people involved in the EFCA campaig to a p2 chat to discuss how we can help
5) see #1
jdp23 (20:20): Paula's not here. Can somebody follow up with her on that? ooooh oooh looks like we've got an action item!
JakeAryehMarcus (20:20): MTM, Paula wasn't here.
DinkyShop (20:21): I brought up DN bc I think they have good media coverage (at times) relative to EFCA..
JakeAryehMarcus (20:21): Matt, when you say "EFCA feed" you mean ...?
matttbastard (20:22): They both use the logo -- thanks, Susan. Just added the official
jdp23 (20:22): my apologies, Dinky, i missed the connection.
matttbastard (20:22): I mean the hash tag
jdp23 (20:22): y'know, *somebody* should be interested in a story on "progressives using Twitter to orgnaize for EFCA"
jdp23 (20:22): shouldn't they?
matttbastard (20:23): I subscribe to the EFCA tag via RSS
matttbastard (20:23): One would think
MyrnatheMinx (20:23): I will follow up with Paula and some contacts from SEIU and ASCFME (or whatever their letters are)
matttbastard (20:23): if I weren't directly involved, I'd write it myself
JakeAryehMarcus (20:23): Thanks Matt. I haven't been Tweeting to that tag or watching it. My bad.
jdp23 (20:24): i watch the EFCA tag ... matt's right though, it's verrrrrrry noisy.
jdp23 (20:24): (thanks MTM)
MyrnatheMinx (20:24): Jon, I also think using the EFCA organization AND twittercast on EFCA would make a story--tech president, nation?
DinkyShop (20:25): I thought I posted a video of Goodman talking about EFCA.. I have to check it...
MyrnatheMinx (20:26): Did you discuss the ning?
jdp23 (20:26): no, we skipped over that section
jdp23 (20:26): i want to be sensitive to our east coasters and finalize EFCA and action items efore going there ...
matttbastard (20:27): Question: how many folks here get email updates from SEIU/Steelworkers/AFL-CIO etc?
matttbastard (20:27): or sub to the RSS feeds?
MyrnatheMinx (20:27): I might have contact at National Journal....think we need to set the twittercast up and then let media contacts know its going on
jdp23 (20:27): i don't. i'm not an email or RSS person. it'd be great if the key updates got sent to #efca and #p2.
MyrnatheMinx (20:27): Yes, it's late on the east coast
Kit K (20:28): @AriMelber from The Nation is always amenable to net movement stuff too.
Kit K (20:28): As far as media contacts go.
jdp23 (20:28): good point Kit ... Ari's studying for the bar and is mostly out of commission for the next six weeks or so. i'll talk with him and see who else he'd suggest though
matttbastard (20:29): Well, Jon, that's where we come in.
jdp23 (20:29): indeed, matt! sarah talked about doing this as well last time, so i'll give the action items to you
DinkyShop (20:29): Anyone on LinkedIn? I have connections w/ tv news people (I still don't know why..) Plus, the boards are surprisingly active on social issues on LinkedIn.
MyrnatheMinx (20:29): I have to dig it up but National Journal has a Twitter column/blog--I have a couple of potential media contacts there we could try.
MyrnatheMinx (20:30): matttbastard--are you in media? where?
jdp23 (20:30): ok, here's the revised EFCA summary: 1) RSS subs to orgs that aggregate EFCA info (eg, AFLCIO, SEIU,, etc) and getting information out into the public sphere. Matttbastard: "at the moment the EFCA feed is dominated by corp-sponsored anti-EFCA accounts which are doing their best to get out the anti-efca line. So we need to make sure the message of Employee Choice is not getting lost underneath a mountain of corporate propaganda"
2) tweeting points and more tweeting about EFCA
3) continue to publicsize
4) invite people involved in the EFCA campaig to a p2 chat to discuss how we can help. -- MyrnaTheMinx to drive
5) pitch a story "progressives using twitter for EFCA" -- techPresident, Nation, DemocracyNow, NationalJournal's twitter column. use the twitterchat to catalyze
6) make sure email updates/RSS feed updates info goes to the twitter feeds -- matttbastard, seasonothebitch
7) see #1
MyrnatheMinx (20:30): yes, linked in as tracy viselli
Kit K (20:31): Argh, that's true. Forgot he had the bar coming up. Maybe @cbellantoni/Christina Bellantoni from the Wash Times too? Admittedly, it's the Wash Times, but Christina's great and loves stuff like that. I'm on LinkedIn, DinkyShop! Kristina Kuzma.
JakeAryehMarcus (20:32): I'm on LinkedIn - Jake Aryeh Marcus, though won't help much. Haven't been there long.
jdp23 (20:32): how's this overall action item list? not all are assigned to people but it's still useful:
1) value articulation: why should people spend the four characters on #p2? (use Matt and Dinky's langauge from the thread)
2) better educational materials, continuing to improve the wiki page.
3) ongoing outreach to non-straight-white-males -- ALL
4) organizing a CA-10 Twitter debate/chat/something
5) a high-quality EFCA RSS feed *without* corporate propaganda/nterruptions
6) make sure EFCA updates from email/RSS get to the #EFCA and #p2 feeds -- matttbastard, seasonothebitch
7) EFCA tweeting points
8) follow up with Workplace Fairness, AFSCME, SEIU on getting them to a #p2 chat to discuss: MyrnaTheMinx
DinkyShop (20:33): @RolandSMartin isn't hosting Campbell Brown's 7pm Primetime spot anymore, but he is very active on Twitter.. as is @DonLemonCNN and some local Chicago anchors tweeters I know..
MyrnatheMinx (20:33): I think the ca-10 debate is great idea and will help galvanize excitement around #p2 as a tool
jdp23 (20:34): 9) assemble "media contacs" list, starting with @cbellantoni , @RolandSMartin , @DonLemonCNN
jdp23 (20:34): agreed about the CA-10 debate, i just hope we can get somebody to drive it
jdp23 (20:34): btw i am mostly out of commission on #p2 stuff for the next three weeks -- two conferences.
DinkyShop (20:34): CA-40 is a gas additive.. (that was the other thing u confused me about before I read the wiki..)
MyrnatheMinx (20:35): Okay, I am asking for links on LinkedIn people---now you "know" me
jdp23 (20:35): should we start up a p2 linkedin group to make it easier to find each other?
matttbastard (20:35): I'm not on linked in -- best place to find me is either twitter or via my blog home,
DinkyShop (20:36): DonLemon is on LinkedIn.. he does read his LinkedIn mail, bc I sent him
jdp23 (20:36): oh and Tracy do you want to talk about the ning?
jdp23 (20:37): sorry i cut you off on that before. [male dominance behavior in action!!!!]
MyrnatheMinx (20:38): et's wait unless some people want to help with set up....
MyrnatheMinx (20:38): Has someone been "assigned" heading up media contacts list
jdp23 (20:38): not yet
jdp23 (20:38): any volunteers?
MyrnatheMinx (20:38): I can start that, but not till next week
jdp23 (20:39): Kit and Dinky, will you have time for that?
DinkyShop (20:39): I would not be any help w/ set up.. I like Ning.. never set up a page tho'..
Kit K (20:40): I'm working on an out-of-state move, but I should be freed up in the early part of next week. I can try to help!
MyrnatheMinx (20:40): So did you change occupations? KK?
DinkyShop (20:40): The next 3 weeks for me are filled.. (i have to make a living..)
jdp23 (20:41): sounds great, Kit --once the move havoc's done. and no worries, Dinky, there'll still be stuff to do in a few weeks
Kit K (20:42): Myrna - kind of, my contract went up so I'm going back to school. Economy fail as far as media jobs go.
DinkyShop (20:42): I'm an architect, not a tech meister.. I have to see..
MyrnatheMinx (20:42): Sounds like a timeframe for an EFCA chat is a three weeks from now....unless legislation comes up fast for vote
matttbastard (20:42): which is a possibility, MtM
MyrnatheMinx (20:42): School is awesome!
MyrnatheMinx (20:42): Matthew, I know--Harkin said he's determined to bring it up in June!
jdp23 (20:43): Dinky, i think one of our challenges in general is to make it easier for people to participate who aren't tech wizards. a ning can potentially help here
jdp23 (20:43): three weeks is .. the 19th?
MyrnatheMinx (20:43): Jon, we'll have to chat on what night you might have free the 2nd week of JUne just in case
jdp23 (20:43): i'm out of commission that week alas, giving a talk at Shakacon.
MyrnatheMinx (20:44): Let's say june 11th
jdp23 (20:44): however you certainly don't need me!
JakeAryehMarcus (20:44): I am about to pass out here (East Coaster). Good time to mention that Jon and I discussed bringing up #Fem2 participation in EFCA efforts with #p2 in the "#fem2 #p2 Chat"?
MyrnatheMinx (20:44): If we wait to long, we'll miss the boat
matttbastard (20:44): sounds good
jdp23 (20:44): okay, let's pencil it in for the 11th
matttbastard (20:44): yeah, I'm out, too -- just wanted to talk briefly about diversity
MyrnatheMinx (20:44): Jake--yes! EFCA is directly related to Fem2
jdp23 (20:45): and while it's not #p2-related, there's going to be a FISA/Patriot act chat on the 3rd.
guest244721 (20:45): hey all
guest244721 (20:45): sorry to miss this
matttbastard (20:45): you know how you get a more-diverse base of followers? more diverse links. i link a multitude of different topics/issues and people searching for key terms find them and we subsequently network.
humanfolly (20:45): packing for NYC tonight
JakeAryehMarcus (20:45): FISA/Patriot Act chat where?
jdp23 (20:46): probably #cfp09 on Twitter
jdp23 (20:46): hi Jen!
MyrnatheMinx (20:46): So cool you are moving to NYC! Great job!
humanfolly (20:47): hi!
humanfolly (20:47): thanks
humanfolly (20:47): sorry i've been a little MIA on all this
humanfolly (20:47): trying to hold it all down over here
humanfolly (20:47): how is the convo going, everyone?
jdp23 (20:47): agreed Matt. i very much prioritize retweeting diverse links
MyrnatheMinx (20:48): I think everyone is dropping off cuz its so late on the east coast
JakeAryehMarcus (20:48): Jon, anything we need to say about the #p2 moderated #fem2 chat before I leave?
jdp23 (20:48): btw here's a twittersearch/RSS feed i use for "divesity plus progressive links"
matttbastard (20:48): It is -- I have a cat who is demanding my attention gnight folks
MyrnatheMinx (20:48): Night Matt
JakeAryehMarcus (20:48): Night Matt.
jdp23 (20:49): good point Jake ... #p2's going to be hosting the #fem2 twittercast on June 21, general subjec ton how twe can wrok together more effectively, possibly a specific focus on EFCA and the feminist perspective
DinkyShop (20:49): Adios..
JakeAryehMarcus (20:49): Jon, will this transcript be on the wiki?
jdp23 (20:49): night mattt and dinky, thanks much! yes, it'll be on the wiki once i edit it and make it readable.
matttbastard (20:49): (well, ok, a few articles to read/tweet, and then bed, but...)
matttbastard (20:49): (Ciao everyone!)
jdp23 (20:49): great chat all, incredibly productive. it's a real pleasure working with you!
DinkyShop (20:49): Still here..
MyrnatheMinx (20:50): Sorry I was so late Jon ;-(
GrrrlRomeo (20:51): Sorry...I've been on the phone with my girlfriend most of the time...but watching
JakeAryehMarcus (20:51): I'm still here if anyone wanted to say something about the #Fem2 Twittercast.
jdp23 (20:51): recapping, here's the diversity summary (incuding Matt's points): 1) articulate value -- Matt and Dinky's statement
2) more diverse links
3) better educational materials -- refine wiki page
4) continued outreach to non-straight-white-males
5) continue to discuss filtering, protocols for communication
6) upcoming #fem2/#p2 twittercast June 21
DinkyShop (20:52): sounds good
JakeAryehMarcus (20:53): Yup.
MyrnatheMinx (20:53): Jon, can you include the link to the ning and people can join? I'll start working on it in earnest next week
MyrnatheMinx (20:54): in the notes on wiki I mean
jdp23 (20:54): yes i can MTM. it's for anybody who's curious
JakeAryehMarcus (20:55): Night all!

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