Moving forward

A message from Jon to wiki members after the April 30 tweeting and its aftermath.

Subject: Moving forward

In the discussions leading up to and including Thursday's tweeting, we agreed that in addition to being a resource for progressives interested in diversity and empowerment, #p2 is also the "progressive batchannel" and an umbrella tag for progressives. Unsurprisingly people have different interpretations of what this means -- for that matter, we don't even have agreed-on definitions of "progressive". With emotions high, there's also been a fair amount of hashtag drama. Oh well. If you haven't ever read Clay Shirky's "A group is its own worst enemy", now would be a good time.

One important thing for those of you who are new to #p2 in the last couple of weeks. A lot of members prefer to avoid dealing with power struggles and flame wars (and who can blame them?) or are overly busy. So please don't base your impression of the #p2 community or the topics we're interested in only on what you've seen on the hashtag recently. Please have a look at our history (on the home page) for more background. And if you're new to the wiki, you might also want to check out the "Getting Started" page.

Drama aside, we're continuing to make great progress. Our challenge now is to convert it to momentum and impact. Moving forward, we should start devoting an increasing amount of energy to action (as well as organizing and information exchange). Based on a suggestion from matttbastard, our next action focus is EFCA.

For our next tweeting on May 14; the major agenda topics include our technology base on Twitter, and EFCA. As with last week's tweeting, a lot of the discussion will happen on the wiki in the ramp-up to the tweeting, so please jump in the discussion threads!

There are also discussions on other topics in the wiki's discussion forum. Yeah, it's not the world's best discussion software, and at some point we'll want to set up something more usable. For now, though, it's a decent complement to twitter-based discussions. Please get involved!

A couple of threads likely to be of interest:

As always, thanks to everybody for all the time and energy you're putting in -- and the great conversations!


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