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What Progressives
Want to Ask the President
#p2 (Progressives 2.0) is tracking and supporting the Ask the President initiative and working to get progressive questions asked at presidential press conferences.

This week, progressives are voting most heavily for these questions to be asked at the next presidential press conference.

(Click the links to jump down and vote on these questions without leaving this page.)

Obama Press Conference

Ask the President
At White House press conferences, do the major news organizations ask the questions most important to you? Now they can.

Ask the President provides a way to tell the media and the president what everyday citizens want to know. Submit a question you want answers to -- or vote for a question already submitted. It couldn't be easier; none of this even requires registration.

How to Vote
YesVote for a question by clicking its green thumbs-up button.
NoVote against a question by clicking its red thumbs- down button.

How to Promote
Post easy links and widgets on e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or blogs so others can vote for the question you care most about. "Embed" and "Link" function like they do on any other website. In addition:

ShareClicking the share button gives you several different ways to share your question with others.
ReTweetClick a question's ReTweet button to tweet about a question on Twitter. That will take you to a Twitter page already filled in with a shortened link to the question and the #askpres hashtag to make it easy for others to find it. All you have to do is type your message. Many questions even provide "Tweeting points" to get you started.

Who's Behind It
Ask the President
is a collaborative effort of a broad coalition spanning the political and technological spectrum:


Discuss the questions and see what others are saying:

"Ask the President" on Twitter

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About #p2
#p2 ("Progressives 2.0") is a resource for progressives using social media who prioritize diversity and empowerment.

The page you're looking at represents an effort to harvest and promote progressive questions for presidential press conferences.

To promote this effort, feel free to share any of the following.

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