Quick summary of Feb 23 chat

The first #p2 Twitter chat!

Date: Monday, February 23
Time: 6:30-8:00 PM Pacific / 9:30-11:00 PM Eastern
Place: the #p2 Twitter hashtag. duh.

To join in, use Tweetchat or your favorite Twitter client. If you're not on Twitter, you can follow along using Twitter search.

Pre-meeting agenda

Suggestions and feedback welcome! Please use the discussion thread below.

  • vision(s) for #p2
  • interactions with #rebelleft, #topprog, #bipart and #fem2 (and potentially other hashtags)
  • which tags fit which tweets?
  • dealing with trolls. Jon's Dealing with trolls on Twitter has some initial thinking and a magic search query.
  • next steps

Post-meeting notes

#p2 as a bridge between various tags. For simplicity, we discussed in terms of #rebelleft, #topprog, and #fem2.
- both #topprog and #fem2 have (potential) institutional support
- scenario: action surfaces on #rebelleft, percolates to #p2, then fans out to #topprog, #fem2

A big way #p2 can add value
: sharable information.
- e.g., list of hashtags, getting started info

sync up with
- hashtags.org
- #journchat

Follow up with @AriMelber, ask his perspective on where #p2 can be useful (Jon volunteered for this)

@MadamaAmbi will kick off a discussion on FAB and #p2 (details TBD) in the FAB4Obama Yahoo group

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