Why do *you* pay taxes?

Some of the tweets in response to the #teaparty activism on Twitter, April 15 2009. Join in! If you like some of these, retweet ... and if you've got other good reasons, let people know about it.

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Videos by Sarah Burris for CNN's iReport and Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

@djdeedle: Though I have no representation (DC), I gladly pay taxes to fund police, schools, social services, & transit!
@xavierla: #ThankTaxes for funding volcano monitoring. It may have saved my sister's life
@carolinestu: I pay taxes because I use public transportation everyday and I love not owning a car
@ggreeneva: I pay my taxes because NASA helps us understand the majesty of the universe
@andregc: I pay taxes to support police, fire, public schools, libraries, streets and bicycle paths, parks,those less fortunate
@humanfolly: I pay taxes so that I can take public transportation to work & reduce my carbon footprint
@FakeHowardDean: I pay taxes because Veterans deserve the best healthcare in the world for free
@QueenofSpain: I pay taxes because it turns out I can't afford a firetruck or police force on my own.
@socalmom I pay taxes because I like knowing that if my house is on fire, I can rely on a crew that's 24/7 to put it out
@Marshalus: I pay taxes to finance things like the Internet , to give right wing nuts a place to complain about them.
@mammaloves: I pay taxes to prevent people w/ bombs & guns from getting on airplanes.
@SamSeder: I pay taxes because I want to be able to drink water from my tap without getting diarrhea
@TheCaffeinatrix: I pay taxes so if my house catches on fire, sum1 will come put it out. I know...SO frivolous & wasteful
@MyrnaTheMinx: I pay taxes so that war veterans like my sister are taken care of when they return home
@srarosa I pay taxes because I like reading for free at local library rather than buying something at HyperCompuGlobalMegaNet.
@kalunlee: I pay taxes so that our businesses don't behave like they do in China
@Glennia I pay taxes, in case I'm ever taken hostage by pirates, I'd like to know that someone will come rescue me.
@Nrrrdking I pay taxes to help pay back the food stamps my family used to keep us alive when I was a kid
@maxmarginal: I pay taxes so that cops can be at right-wing protests in case they decide to start shooting.
@letimbo: I pay taxes because I believe in national security and helping our fellow man. Suck it teabaggers
@BillLudwig: I pay taxes to pay for the streets, parks, and infrastructure that allows people to assemble and protest taxes.
@Ocin: I pay my taxes b/c the education I received in Chicago Public Schools made the rest of my life possible.
@j_ro: I pay taxes because I don't want to drive myself to the hospital.
@ericgrant: I pay taxes because it turns out I can't afford a firetruck or police force on my own
@taosmesa I pay taxes so freedom of speech never dies.
@colombiancoffee: I pay my taxes because I don't know how to pave roads myself
@minjae: I pay taxes to do my part for a country that gave me and my brother incredible opportunities.
@DivadNhoj1981: I pay taxes so the poorest Texans need not resort to crime.
@enviroknow: I pay taxes so the DOE can invest in clean energy and the EPA can regulate pollutants so my air and water are clean and safe.
@sciville: I pay taxes because police, firefighters, hospitals, schools, roads, etc. just seem a little bit necessary, don't you think
@loadeddice I pay taxes because what exactly do you think will happen to our 9,960 nuclear warheads without government?
@KansasJackass: I pay my taxes to make sure our soldiers have care they need when they come home injured from unnecessary wars.
@thoughtbbls: I pay taxes because no business offered to pay for my K-12 education, give free childhood immunizations, or test my food and water quality.
@ihumanable: I pay taxes because, "Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society." -- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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